Sandstory Therapy

What is SandStory Therapy®?

  • SandStory Therapy® is a gentle and safe way of working therapeutically with sand and symbols within a contained sandtray that offers clients the opportunity to tell their ‘story in the sand’.
  • SandStory Therapy®  encourages a respectful and sensitive dialogue between the unconscious and the conscious so that the wisdom from within is heard, seen and experienced. In turn, this is taken into daily life and natural, very organic shifts occur.
  • SandStory Therapy® has its roots in the narrative tradition of Story-telling and Sandtray Therapy. This latter was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld in the early part of her work in the 1920’s. Having trained in Sandplay Therapy and studied Sandtray Therapy as well as story-telling, SandStory Therapy© has been developed in a way that complements other therapeutic approaches.
  • SandStory Therapy®  has at its heart the therapist’s ability to remain grounded in their own presence and be fully present each moment to their client.  It allows them to attune to their client’s needs and pace which enables empowerment and growth for the client.

Who can benefit from SandStory Therapy®?

SandStory® Therapy fits well with children from the age of 8 years onwards, teenagers/young adults and adults right through to senior adults. It can be used in multiple ways and for a spectrum of referral issues:

  • Individual therapy/counselling
  • Group work
  • Family work
  • Couples work
  • Parent work
  • Support groups such as bereavement or addiction groups

I am a fully qualified Counsellor (Diploma, L4, AQA/NCFE) and Play Therapist (Cert / Dip PTUK), as well as a Certified SandStory® Therapist and Trainer. I also run training courses in Play Therapy, SandStory® Therapy, SandStory® Skills, and Counselling both in Europe  and the UK, privately and in educational institutions. I have a wealth of experience working in schools across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, and have an established private practice. I am a member of BACP and adhere to their Ethical Framework.

If you would like to receive a free half hour consultation for therapy of any kind, or talk further about training, please call me on 07419 337363 or email me on  Also do feel free to like and follow our Facebook page “Cambridge Creative Counselling” where you can also message us.